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Experience Premium Aroma Thai Massage at City Palace SPA

Discover the serene ambiance of City Palace SPA, where our Premium Aroma Thai Massage service promises unparalleled relaxation. Nestled in the heart of the city, we offer a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Embrace Holistic Relaxation

At City Palace SPA, your journey towards holistic wellness begins with our Premium Aroma Thai Massage. Our expert therapists use aromatic oils that are carefully selected to rejuvenate your body and soothe your mind. This signature service not only eases muscle tension but also enhances your mental clarity.

Tailored for Your Well-being

Every session is customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or simply need a moment of peace, our therapists are skilled in adapting their techniques. The gentle stretches and strategic pressure applied during our Aroma Thai Massage ensure that each visit improves your physical and spiritual health.

Safety and Comfort: Our Priorities

Your comfort and safety are paramount at City Palace SPA. We adhere to stringent hygiene protocols and use only the highest quality materials. This commitment to excellence ensures a safe, relaxing experience during every visit.

Experience the benefits of our Premium Aroma Thai Massage—a perfect blend of traditional Thai massage techniques with luxurious aromatherapy. Ideal for detoxifying the body, improving circulation, and reducing stress, this massage therapy is a pathway to renewed vitality.

Why Choose City Palace SPA?

At City Palace SPA, we understand the importance of detailed care. Our therapists are dedicated to providing a nurturing environment that promotes lasting wellness. As you relax under their skilled hands, the soothing scents of our premium oils work to revive your senses, leaving you refreshed and energized.

With a commitment to holistic service and client satisfaction, City Palace SPA is your go-to destination for exceptional spa experiences. Visit us and discover why our Premium Aroma Thai Massage is more than just a treatment; it’s a journey to complete rejuvenation.

Pricing Package of Aroma Thai Massage

1. 60 Minutes Session Package: 4500 tk

2. 90 Minutes Session Package: 5500 tk

3. 120 Minutes Session Package: 8000 tk